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About US

Built from a Lifelong Love of Animals

Lefty's was formally established in March of 2019, by Kristen Woznick. Kristen is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) with Pet Sitters International and has over 15 years of experience caring for others' pets. Lefty's is named after Kristen's dog Lefty, who's unconditional love and support inspired her to follow her dreams and begin caring for pets full time. 

Kristen's fiance, Beam, joined Lefty's in January of 2020, and together (and with the support of many animals at home) they run Lefty's Pet Care. 

Kristen and Beam have experience with lots of animals! They work with dogs, cats, reptiles, and other small animals of many different breeds, sizes, many different temperaments, as well as special needs. They both hold a very special love for rescue pets and pit bulls. We understand that every pet is an individual, and some pets with an unknown past may have special needs. When their own people can't be around, all pets deserve personalized care from a professional who understands their needs!

Lefty's is dedicated to improving your life and the life of your pet. Lefty's mission is to provide high-quality, personalized care for Atlanta's pets.  We are professionals and we are passionate about promoting pet care knowledge. We are here to support Atlanta's amazing community of pet guardians and lovers. 

We are happy to provide our clients with experienced care, convenience, reassurance, and peace of mind. Some of the things you can look forward to if you join Lefty's:

Kristen to owner of Lefty's Pet Care sitting with a cute pit bull dog


We are a licensed business and fully bonded and insured. You can rest easy knowing we have policies in place designed to protect your beloved pets and your home. All staff are thoroughly screened, background checked, and skills evaluated. We are members of Pet Sitters International and the owner, Kristen, is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS)

Safety and Security

Choosing a professional pet sitter is so important! We provide a free initial meet and greet, where you will meet the business owners. We always check enclosures for security, utilize equipment to ensure the safety of your pet, and staff are trained in safety protocols and procedures. All Pet Care Specialists are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. We have also received PSI's COVID-19 Certification for Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.

Bubbers to orange tabby kitten with blue eyes looking at the camera
Cesar the yorkie dog is standing on his hind paws and very eager for a treat

Straight Forward and consistent

We personalize all of our services to our client's needs. We can accommodate special requests and will always keep your pet's care consistent. Would you like us to give a special treat before leaving? Turn on the radio to your pet's favorite station? Will your pet only eat dinner if you sing to them? Pets thrive off of consistency and routine. This is why we make it a top priority to provide consistent care for your pet. Your pet will have a primary Pet Care specialist, but you can relax knowing that in case of emergencies or last minute needs, there is always backup care from another staff member for your pet as well! Pets are always introduced to new staff by another team member who they are comfortable with, so they never have a complete stranger coming into their home, like with some other services. Kristen and Beam meet every pet and develop a basic care plan for their visits. All staff provide a similar routine depending on needs, and the same attentive care, every time.

No surprise fees! We charge a flat rate based on the length of our visits. We do not charge extra fees for additional pets or weekend fees. If you have a multiple pet household or work odd days and hours, we are the best deal in town!


We utilize a professional pet sitting software, Time to Pet, where you can manage your account and services easily, by web browser or in app. Receive updates after every service, with time stamps, pictures, and GPS route information. We are most often able to accommodate last minute requests, and we are available every day, as well as nights, weekends, and holidays. We also provide Late Night services, after 9pm.

Hugo the bearded dragon being held by business partner Beam

We are professional
pit bull lovers!

Atlanta loves pit bulls and so do we! When we use the term "pit bull" we are specifically referring to the commonly used blanket term that refers to a dog of a particular look and that most often includes several different breeds, some of which include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, and other "bully type" breeds or mixes of any of these. When speaking about a specific one of these breeds, we use the full breed name. 

We love pit bulls and we love how each and every one is an individual! Our own pack includes three pit bulls and they are all quite unique! We recognize that pit bulls come in a wide range of personality types (and a wide range of sizes for that matter) but there are some traits that can be more common. These are strong, athletic, and determined pups and we have heard frequently when meeting with new clients that other dog walkers or pet sitters have not been comfortable with their pets, due to this. As for us, we love their goofy nature and they are our favorite dogs!


We also recognize that pit bulls can be very misunderstood and so we believe it is especially important to have a professional with experience who can help be an advocate for these special dogs, who may lick your face off if you aren't careful! We are always mindful of representing Atlanta's pit bull loving community as educated and responsible dog people. We are very experienced in handling these wonderful, athletic, people pleasing pups. 

P.S. We know a lot of pitties (ours for sure) love to dress up and dress for the weather and we know our way around doggy sweaters and rain jackets, just sayin'.

Rescued is our favorite breed!

Did you know that in 2016, the state of Georgia designated the "Adoptable Dog" as our official state dog?


We love all animals and breeds, but we have a special place in our hearts for rescues! Our entire pack of animals (minus one of our lizards) are all adopted rescues. We personally know the amount of love these pets have to give and I think no other love in the world can compare. We understand that pets coming from unknown backgrounds and pasts are individuals. They may be really well trained from the get-go or they may have special needs. They may not have been properly potty trained, they may be reactive, they may be afraid. We emphasize the importance of setting these pets up for success and believe it's especially important that rescue pets be cared for by professionals who can take all of their needs into consideration.

There are lots of homeless pets here in Atlanta, and we want to thank the humans that open up their loving homes and make these pets a part of their family. Because we love these pets and want to see them thrive and succeed, we offer a 10% discount for all pets that were adopted from local shelters and rescues here in Atlanta, ITP. 

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