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Services and Rates

As professional Pet Care Providers, we offer a full-range of services to make sure your pet is well taken care of. We have so many service options to choose from, we are confident we can find one that is right for you and your pet! All services are personalized to fit your individual needs. Have an idea of the type of care you are looking for but not sure if we offer it? Contact us to discuss! Please click on the service categories below for a full list of rates.

Kirby the long haired shar pei, smiling at his dog walker

Lefty's provides drop-in services for dogs, cats, reptiles, and other small animals in Atlanta and Decatur. Price is based off of the length of the appointment. We customize our drop-in visits to the needs of the pets as well as the requests of our clients. 

Potty Break - $12

*available for dogs with fenced-in yards only

20 Minute Walk or Drop-In Visit - $20

30 Minute Walk or Drop-In Visit - $25

60 Minute Walk or Drop-In Visit - $35

Three happy dogs smiling and looking up at their favorite dog walker

Pack Walks and Hikes

***Pack Walks and Hikes have been on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began*** 


Pack walks and hikes are a great way to provide some extra physical activity, mental stimulation, socialization, and enrichment for your dog. We hope to resume soon. If interested, please reach out to discuss!

*Not currently available*

Jelami the white and tabby colored cat is happy and content

Lefty's provides pet sitting in your home for pets in Atlanta and Decatur. In-home pet sitting is especially beneficial for many pets. When your pet gets to stay in their own home, with their own routine, they will be happier, more comfortable, and less stressed. 

Pet Sitting - (1) 30 minute visit - $25

Pet Sitting - (1) 60 minute visit - $35

Pet Sitting Package - (2) 30 minute visits/day - $45

Pet Sitting Package - (3) 30 minute visits/day - $60

"Almost Overnight" Pet Sitting - $70

Overnight In-Home Sleepover Sitting - $90

Scout the brown and white dog enjoying her walk and posing in front of flowers

We provide additional pet and home care services in Atlanta and Decatur. 

- Pet Taxi

- Accompaniment 

- Yard Pet Waste Removal

- Litterbox Cleaning

- House Sitting

- Errands

Pet Taxi and Accompaniment

30 Minute Trip/First 5 Miles - $20 (+ Any Additional Mileage)

Distance is calculated from departure to final destination.

Additional Mileage - $0.50/Mile

30 Minute Accompaniment - $25

Additional 5 Minutes Accompaniment - $3

 House Sitting (No Pets)

10-30 Minute Visit - $20 

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