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Walks and Drop-In Visits

Lefty's provides drop-in services for dogs, cats, reptiles, and other small animals in Atlanta and Decatur. We walk dogs and cats!  Price is based off of the length of the appointment. We do not charge additional pet fees or fees for special requests. We customize our drop-in visits to the needs of the pets as well as the requests of our clients. 

A drop-in visit may include a walk, feeding, playtime, socializing, cuddling, basic grooming (such as brushing, wiping paws, etc.), training games, puzzle games, yard time, medication administration as instructed/when needed, and any other special requests (playing a certain music playlist or show they are used to, filling kongs/puzzle toys, etc.) when requested.


Walks and Drop-Ins

6am - 9pm

Potty Break - $12

*available for dogs with fenced-in yards only

20 Minute Walk or Drop-In Visit - $20

30 Minute Walk or Drop-In Visit - $25

60 Minute Walk or Drop-In Visit - $35

Available Add Ons

Litterbox Deep Clean - $20/Box

Yard Waste Removal - TBD


Dog Care

We love all dogs! We are experienced and comfortable with dogs of different sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Dogs love consistency and routine and we would love to be a part of your usual routine with a Dog Walk or Drop-In Visit! These visits are completely customizable for your dog and we charge by the time it takes to complete our visit. We also provide care for special needs dogs and those with certain behavior issues. In a typical dog care visit we may:

- Go on a walk.

- Let your pup relieve themself.

- Feed your dog.

- Administer medications.

- Play fetch or other games.

- Provide enrichment. 

- Socialize.

- Cuddle.

- and more!

It's all up to you and your pooch!


Cat Care

Are we dog people or cat people? The answer is, yes! Cats enjoy our company too. Cats need specific care and needs met, to prevent them from becoming bored, depressed, or developing behavior issues. These visits are completely customizable for your cat and we charge by the time it takes to complete our visit. Let us help your cat be their best self by booking a Cat Walk or Drop-In Visit! In a cat care visit we may:

- Go on a walk (on a harness or in a stroller if they are trained and happy to do so)

- Feed your cat.

- Scoop the litter box.

- Administer medications. 

- Play with toys or other games.

- Brush/groom.

- Provide enrichment.

- Socialize.

- Cuddle.

- and more!

It's all up to you and your cat!


Other Small Pet Care

We care for more than just dogs and cats! We have experience caring for reptiles, birds, and other small animals too! They may not be interested in going for a walk, but we can help with additional care that may be needed to help keep your pet happy and healthy! These visits are completely customizable for your pet and we charge by the time it takes to complete our visit, not by the number of pets. In a pet care visit for other small pets we may:

- Provide food and water.

- Spot clean enclosures.

- Change bedding/substrate/litter.

- Mist.

- Check/adjust lights and/or humidity.

- Provide enrichment.

- Provide companionship.

- Socialize.

- Provide exercise.

- and more!

It's all up to you and your pet!

How to Start

Submit our new client form

Please submit our New Client Form, or send us an email, and we can get you started! Please let us know where you are located, a little about your pet, and the services you are interested in. 

Schedule Your Meet and Greet

We will use the information you provided to match you with one of our Pet Care Specialists. We will meet with you and your pet to get to know each other a bit, go over your routine and desired services, and complete your profile if needed.  

Create Your Profile

Lefty's Pet Care clients enjoy an easy to use online scheduling software, professionally developed by Time to Pet. As a client you can view your schedule, request services, update your info, view your billing history and more! 

Schedule Services

Our pet care software makes scheduling services a breeze! Once your profile is completed, simply go to your calendar and request your desired service dates and times. You can also request recurring services. Through the portal you will receive updates after every visit, with pictures and a report card. Time to Pet is also available as an app!

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