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The Pack



Pack Leader

"I officially founded Lefty's in March of 2019. Named after my dog, Lefty, I want the business to provide the same level of care for our clients pets, as I would want and expect for my own. I have been an animal lover my entire life, and taking care of animals for almost as long! I grew up in rural NE Georgia and as a kid animals were my everything. I cared for our dogs, cats, rodents, birds, horses, a goat and a chicken that I took home in a laundry basket after it fell off of a factory truck. In the future, I hope to start my own rescue, focusing on the care and rehabilitation of pets with special needs and behavior issues. In between working, I hang out with my pets and am a total introvert. I also enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and being outside. I am so happy and so excited to be caring for the pets of Atlanta!

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